Services are running with disruptions but you should all manage to make it to St Malo. Please be aware that there will be delays on flights and trains.   

All but one of the French fuel depots have been cleared so things are starting to return to normal.

It looks like travel back home could be disrupted next Friday. We are looking into matters and will update you when we have the information. We are hoping that the issues are resolved but if not we will find alternative methods of transport. 

There will be seven main themes: 1. Experimental methods and results 2. Constitutive behavior and models (including EOS, deviator phase transition, etc.) 3. Damage mechanics (including spall, ejecta, etc.) 4. Explosives (including both unreacted and reacted characteristics, detonation, reaction zone, etc.) 5. Models of material behavior (atomistic, MD, continuum, and multi-scale linkages in time and space) 6. Numerical methods (Eulerian, Lagrangian, ALE, et) 7. High velocity impact.

There will also be a special session honoring the works of Brad Holian and Michel Mareschal

Organised by the IOP Shockwaves and Extreme Conditions Group


Key dates

  • Abstract submission extended deadline:
    14 March 2016
  • Early registration deadline:
    15 April 2016
  • Registration deadline:
    15 May 2016


First announcement(PDF, 594KB)

Exhibition and sponsorship document (PDF, 472KB)